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A few leaves, or a bit of debris in the bottom of your hot tub or spa shouldn't require you to drain the water to clean it out. These spa vaccums make quick cleaning of a not so dirty hot tub. If you're looking for something completely different please start at the Store Directory.

Spa & Pool Vacuum by Game

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Spa Vacuum by Game is perfect for cleaning any spa. Quick, easy clean up of minor debris. Uses simple pump action to create suction. No hoses or hookups required. Easy to clean filter basket included.

Includes: slide-on angled brush, two nozzles, wall mount bracket.



Small enough to fit in your hand (only 8" long), yet as powerful as a full size spa vacuum. No batteries, no cords, no hoses, no clumsey huge poles! This small efficient vacuum can be stored next to your hot tub so it can be used when you discover it's really needed, when you're in the spa. Just squeeze, move gently forward over the dirt and release. It's that easy ! Removes dirt, grit and debris from tight corners and hard to reach areas too.


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Spa Micro Vacuum

This simple hot tub and spa vacuum has a small oval head to vacuum out from tight spaces. It uses water pressure from a garden hose to remove leaves and debris while adding a small amount of water to your tub.


Hot Tub Micro Vacuum 2

Similar to the above, this vacuum has a slightly larger rectangular head with an attached scrub brush to help remove algae and stains from the sufrace of your spa.


Polaris Spa Vacuum

The Polaris Spa Wand is a simple, effective hand powered cleaning device for hot tubs and spas. Just gently pump the "Spa Wands' handle. No hoses or electricity is needed and it comes complete with interchangable nozzles.


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Spa Scoop Leak Net

Finally a hand held leaf net for spas and hot tubs! This 9" diameter leaf rake has a comfortable handle with a rubber grip, making it perfect for scooping leaves and other floating debris from your water. The outer edge of the scoop is even rubber coated to prevent scratching your spa.


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