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This item is currently unavailable and we do not expect it to return!
(The last company that make this item went out of business. They were
the second company to make it, buying the rights from the original company
that initially designed it. We would like to hope that someone else might
begin production again, but it's been years and at this point seems extremely unlikely.
PLEASE do not call us to ask for current status on this item. This IS the current status!

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Sometimes, even on the warmest days, getting out of your spa can be a chilling experience. What could be more welcoming as you step out of the water than a warm, dry towel and robe? This innovative cabinet provides just that by circulating warm, dry air throughout the upper cabinet while you enjoy your spa or hot tub year round. Your towel and robe will be warm, ready and waiting, the moment you step out of the water! Imagine stepping our of your spa on a cold winters day, surrounded by snow, and wrapping yourself in a warm towel and a heated bathrobe!

Hand-crafted of western red cedar, this heated cabinet keeps towels, robes, and footwear dry and toasty warm (up to 150º) right next to your hot tub, spa, or pool.

This beautiful hand crafted tongue-and-groove western red cedar cabinet contains a 1300-watt heater and light. The front-mounted digital control panel adjusts to maintain the temperature between 70-150°F, and the timer can be set for up to 8 hours.

Simply opening the upper doors turns on the 40-watt courtesy light, and 6 wrought iron hooks hold robes or towels. The lower, unheated cabinet  can hold extra towels and even your spa chemicals, supplies and accessories.

The steel roof and control area has a powder-coated, rust-proof finish, and all hardware is nickel plated to be weather resistant.

No assembly required. Simply plug the unit into a 125VAC/GFCI receptacle and it's ready for use. Overall dimensions: 17"D x 32"W x 77"H. Lower unheated cabinet: 13"H x 30.5"W x 15.5"D. Total weigh 120 pounds. 125 volts; 1300 watts. Electrical components are UL listed. Includes ground-fault interrupt (GFCI) adapter. 1-year mfg. warranty. Made in USA.

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  • Constructed from durable, weather resistant, Western Red Cedar.
  • Beautifully designed to fit any decor or surroundings.
  • 1300 watt Heater / Fan / light Assembly.
  • Door Activated Lighting.
  • Time and Temperature controlled - up to 8 hrs @ 150F.
  • Unheated storage area for accessories and clean towels.
  • No Assembly Required - Just plug the unit into a 125VAC, GFCI receptacle and it's ready to use.

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With careful refinement and classical style, elegant design, craftsmanship and technology has blended into a priceless addition for your home environment. With uncompromised high quality materials and the finest detail to construction, the unsurpassed elegance of this heated towel warmer will enhance your entire home, including spa, hot tub and swimming pool environments, for many years to come.

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the, Outdoor Towel and Robe Warmer. We hope that you'll enjoy the comfort and convenience for many years to come. Your new cabinet comes completely pre-assembled so there's not much to do. Please read the following information carefully before applying power to the cabinet

Installation and Operating Instructions

Although our carriers have taken great care in delivering your new Towel and Robe Warmer we would like to ask you to perform a quick and easy inspection before applying power to the unit.

Step 1. Move your new cabinet to the desired location before removing any packing materials. Minimum distance from in ground Spa or Pool is 6 Feet.

Step 2. Once you have the cabinet where you want it, gently remove the packing materials from the exterior and interior ensuring that paper, plastic or any other packing materials are removed.

Step 3. CAUTION - To avoid the risk of personal injury and damage to the cabinet;
be sure to fasten the cabinet mounting brackets (attached to cabinet bottom) to your deck or patio floor using four ¼ diameter lag or concrete bolts. A local hardware store should have what you need depending on your mounting surface. The cabinet is top heavy and strong winds or bumping could tip the unit on it's side so please secure the unit immediately.

The unit operates at 125VAC 60Hz /10AMPS. Before plugging the power cord into the outlet, ensure that your outdoor electrical outlet is GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) protected and is working properly. If you're not sure, please consult with an electrician since this is a safety precaution that you don't want to overlook. The power supply cord has a 3 prong-grounding plug for your personal safety. It must be plugged into an outdoor 3-pronged 125VAC 60Hz GFCI protected receptacle in accordance with the national electrical code, local codes and ordinances. SpaCessories cannot be held responsible for your outdoor electrical wiring. Included with your cabinet is a GFCI adapter for additional safety. Again, consult with an electrician to ensure your outdoor GFCI receptacle is working properly.

Step 5.
Once you've determined that your electrical connection meets national and local electrical codes, plug the unit in.

Step 6. Setting the control panel timer and thermostat:
Ensure that both control panel knobs are set to the off position (counter clockwise). Turn the unit on by rotating both knobs in the clockwise direction to the desired time and temperature by observing the digital display. Go back to the GFCI receptacle and depress the test button - the unit should power off. If not please call us immediately.

Depress the reset button on the GFCI and reset the time and temperature knobs on the control panel. Open the upper doors and notice that the heater fan unit is running (15 second delay). If the heater is not discharging a force of warm air, contact us for troubleshooting instructions. With the doors opened, you should also observe that the overhead light in on. If the light is not illuminated when the upper right door is opened, check the bulb by removing the light lens on the heater unit. If the bulb is good and still, the light is not illuminated, please contact us.

Warning - Potential Fire Hazard
Do not put materials anywhere near the heater. Towels and robes should be placed on the hooks provided within the cabinet, draped down and not bulked up toward the heater output area. Footwear should be placed on the interior shelf. Polyester and other light garments could be damaged or burnt at high temperatures. Any type of footwear may be placed on the shelf within the cabinet. The lower storage compartment is isolated from the heated compartment but as a safety precaution, do not store toxic or flammable chemicals in this area. This is a good place to keep clean towels and accessories.

This is an outdoor electrical product used to warm Towels / Robes and Footwear only. This is not a Sauna and should not be used as one. Keep small children and pets away from the cabinet. Do not allow anyone of any age to enter the cabinet for any reason.

Care and Maintenance

Since your new cabinet is constructed from natural Western Red Cedar it will show some signs of weathering over time. We recommend cleaning the exterior cabinet wood every 6-12 months to restore the finish. To clean the unit, remove all contents from the inside cabinet area. Using rubber gloves, mix 1 part bleach to 6 parts water. Apply the mixture using a cloth or garden sprayer to the exterior only and let stand for 10 minutes or so. Rinse with cold clean water. Once the wood is completely dry, use a clear deck sealer for long lasting protection. You may also want to alter the cabinet color to match your existing décor. Use of a semi-transparent stain is fine. Do not use paint, solid stain, polyurethane or varnish.

Caution, When cleaning, do not direct garden hose spray directly at the side of the roof, roof louver or front control panel. If you're using a garden hose direct the spray downward at a 45-degree angle starting at the lower edge of the roof and under the control panel drawer working your way down to the bottom of the cabinet.

Caution, Remember to keep doors closed when not in use. High winds may cause damage to doors or others nearby.

Aa one-year limited warranty covers all electrical components only.

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