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Looking for protection from rain or shine? This stylish European-designed umbrella is the perfect solution! Available in four different color options, it's simple to use and can tilt and rotate with ease.


Take Cover
Escape the snow and rain or bright sun with this 8-1/2 foot high, 9' wide umbrella.

Built with a wind vent for those windy days. Tested without failure in winds up to 25 mph.

Easy Mounting
No fastening to the spa. No unsighly weights. Simply slip the base under the spa.

Built to Last
Featuring Sunbrella fabric for maximum sun resistance and years of trouble-free maintenance. Machine-washable.

High Grade Materials
Made of rust-free aluminum to provide years of trouble-free performance.

Hot Tub Umbrella
SpaUmbrella Spa Umbrella

Available Colors


Installation Instructions for the SpaUmbrella

Download a PDF version of the manual HERE

Step #1
Detelescope the Umbrella Frame by extending the Curved and Straight Tube to their fully open and locked position

Step #2
Assemble Skin to Umbrella Cage:
Disassemble Cage from Umbrella by releasing Snap Lock (see fig. 1) then push Release Button to release Cage (see fig. 2). Once Cage is Removed attach Umbrella Skin to Cage by slipping Cage Laterals into the Pockets on the Umbrella Skin. Repeat (above) in reverse to reassemble.

Step #3
Insert the 18" Internal Mast into the Oval Umbrella Tube.
Note: A slight tapping may be required to fully insert the Mast (see fig. #3).

Step #4
Slide Spa Umbrella Base under spa. Note: Be sure the base is up tight against the side wall of the spa cabinet (see fig. #4). Fill the spa at this time to prevent the base from moving.

Step #5
Slip the Spa Umbrella into the Base. Push Arch Pole upward until Silver Rods are lined up with the Slots on the Plastic "Y" shaped Fitting. Then slide the Lock Cap over the end of the Plastic Fitting (see fig. 6).

Step #6
Crank the Umbrella open (see fig. #7)
Note: When not in use, the Spa Umbrella should be retracted and tied to the pole.

How To Remove Spa Umbrella for Cleaning:
Crank Spa Umbrella half way down and release hook, then press the silver button at the top of the umbrella.

Mild machine wash with air dry.


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