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Welcome to the gift page. If you're looking for the perfect gift for that hot tub or spa owner hopefully you'll find it here. We've chosen a few select items from throughout the store and placed them here for your convenience. If you can't find the perfect gifts here, clicking on an item's picture will take you to the page it's from where you can see other similar items for hot tubs and spas. If you're looking for something completely different please start at the Store Directory.

inSPAration Fun PAck

inSPAration's "Fun Pack" comes complete with these great inSPAration products; Bottle of Just Soft, a Fragrance Duck, a Votive SpaCandle, a Dolphin Massager and an inSPAration ½ oz. Gift Pack, all in an attractive vinyl tote bag.

$46.95 each
insparation just soft

Spa & Pool Vacuum by Game

Extensive information

Spa Vacuum by Game is perfect for cleaning any spa. Quick, easy clean up of minor debris. Uses simple pump action to create suction. No hoses or hookups required. Easy to clean filter basket included.

Includes: slide-on angled brush, two nozzles, wall mount bracket.


Spazazz Fragrance Combo

This unique combo pack includes your choice of a single fragrance in one each of crystals and liquid elixir. By combining the crystals and liquid, the fragrance becomes the longest lasting and most intense.

17 oz. crystal + 9 oz. Elixer @ $ 20.95
Quantity: Fragrance:

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Terracotta Clock and Thermometer

Beautifully crafted, at 12" and 8" in diameter these are the perfect outdoor addition to any hot tub or spa.

12" Clock/Thermometer Combo @ $46.95
8" Thermometer @ $21.95

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Floating Animal Thermometers

These wonderful floating animals conceal a 6¾" long thermometer beneath them. They are 4" - 5" long, and approximately 3" wide and tall. They display temperature in both fahrenheit and celsius.

Shark - $9.99
Alligator - $9.99
Pelican - $9.99

Larger pictures and additional thermometers

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Floating AM/FM Duck Radio

For pool, spa and patio use, this marvelous Floating Duck Radio is also a digital thermometer. The head rotates for on/off volume control. The AM/FM switch is on the topside, and the tail twists for full bandwidth station selection. A side panel LCD display, with a selection button, shows either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature. The Floating Duck operates on three AAA batteries (not included) and features a waterproof body and speaker. Size: 5" long, 5" high, and 3.5" wide.

SORRY, this has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Shatterproof Drinkware

Glass is a dangerous thing to have at the pool or spa. One small mishap and shards may abound. This shatterproof polycarbonate drinkware is not only some of the strongest and thickest available, but is also "top-shelf dishwasher safe". Unlike other plastic drinkware, these will not not turn cloudy or discolor under normal dishwashing conditions. See the entire line of shatterproof drinkware HERE.

See all drinkware here

Floating AM/FM Radio

This floating radio is 5" in diameter and uses 2 AA batteries. Shock resistant and water proof, now you can have your news or music and not worry about that electric cord by your spa.


Wireless Thermometer with Remote Sensor

This simple digital wireless thermometer is great both indoors and out! With up to 3 remote sensors, it can be used to monitor your hot tub and/or swimming pool,  as well as your greenhouse, barn, garage, RV, wine cellar, aquarium, outside temperature, or anything else you can think of. The wireless remote sensors each have their own temperature display, and transmit the temperature to the main station display up to 75 feet away. Comes complete with one remote sensor.

SORRY, this item has been DISCONTINUED

Spazazz Liquid Fragrances

Enjoy the long-lasting fragrances and aromatherapy benefits of Spazazz Liquid Elixirs. Absolutely the best-smelling and longest-lasting spa water fragrance made!

8.8 oz. @ $ 9.95
Quantity: Fragrance:



Small enough to fit in your hand, yet as powerful as a full size spa vacuum. No batteries, no cords, no hoses, no clumsey huge poles! This small efficient vacuum can be stored next to your hot tub so it can be used when you discover it's really needed, when you're in the spa. Just squeeze, move gently forward over the dirt and release. It's that easy ! Removes dirt, grit and debris from tight corners and hard to reach areas too.



Leisure Time's Complete Spa Care Kit With Video

Be it a gift for a house warming or other occasion, the Complete Spa Care Kit, contains all the essentials needed for spa start-up and maintenance. Also included is a 17-minute video providing easy step-by-step instructions and simple explanations of the how's and why's of complete spa water chemistry.

Bromine Kit
Chlorine Kit

The #12 gift pack

As the #1 asked for spa fragrance, inSPAration is a unique blend of fragrances formulated especially for the hot water experience that helps create a relaxing environment with rich soothing aroma therapy. Completely safe for all spas and hot tubs, it contains no alcohol and won't cause foaming or staining. Great for the bath too.

This attractive assortment of 12 different 1/2 oz. pillow packets makes a perfect gift for any spa or hot tub user.



More Pillows

Super Soft Spa Pillows

These spa pillows are molded from closed-cell, vinyl coated foam and are easy to clean. They feature a contoured form that highlights a sleek, one-piece design. Spa pillows are available in three colors and come with a weighted strap to hold them in place. They measure aprox. 9" long by 6" wide by 3" thick.

Quantity: Color:

ducks Ducks DUCKS!

An entire flock of ducks! From your basic yellow duck, to scuba diver ducks, hippie ducks and more. There's even movie star ducks. Too many to list here, please see the duck page for all your choices.

Towel Tree

This 60" tall redwood towel tree is the perfect thing for keeping towels clean and dry.

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Piano Key Double Step

These 14" tall "piano key" double steps are excellent for taller or free standing spas. Made of clear select redwood, they are available in a variety of widths. They come pre-stained in your choice of Natural Redwood, or Coastal Gray.

30" Wide - $99.95
Quantity: Color:

See them all.

Floating Animal Families

These floating families have a large floating "parent" animal (over 8 inches long) and three babies. The babies float as well as squeek.

Quantity: Animal type:


This folding towel bar is a great little accessory. In its upright position it provides a perfect place to keep towels dry and close at hand. When not being used, it conveniently folds down so as to be out of the way.


If you're interested in two of these, may we suggest considering the Cover Catch. The Cover Catch is a Cover Lifter that consists of two Towel-Bars. The only difference is the Cover Catch has padded foam coverings (easily removable), and you would save $10.

The Spa-Swing

For the person that has (almost) everything, or wishes they had a lounge seat in their spa, this removable hammock like swing installs in less than an hour and allows for total relaxation in your spa. It's flexible design allows it to be used on any spa, from 6'3" to 12' across.


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Spaside Handrail

Getting into or out of a wet slippery spa can sometimes be tricky. The Spaside Handrail is a durable zinc-plated & powder coated railing with bracket that slips under your spa cabinet for a stable fit. No hardware or assembly required and it can also be used as an umbrella stand.

Spaside Handrail

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