Hot Tub Installation Guidelines

Please note, this section contains guidelines designed to answer many of the more commonly asked (and those that should be asked) installation questions. Due to the variety of system designs, configurations and local municipal building codes, it's not possible to cover every aspect of installing a hot tub. Please, always feel free to call us with any and all questions.

While some folks do hire a contractor to install their hot tub, many people enjoy the satisfaction of installing it themselves with little or no professional help. Unless experienced, the two aspects of a hot tub installation that almost certainly will need to be done by a professional are running the gas line for the heater (if you choose the gas heater), and the electrical circuit for the pump.


Quick FAQ

Roberts Hot Tubs are manufactured with more precision than any other hot tub, world wide! Made with such accuracy, there's no need to alter the final stave, and no "package" of various sized staves to pick from to finish assembling the hot tub. Just a set number of staves, all the exact same size, that simply and easily fit together. Bottoms are even computer stamped to show the exact placement of each stave.

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Locating the hot tub.

Locating the equipment.

Installation Picture Gallery


Preparations and services

Hot tub assembly instructions

Equipment assembly


Accepting delivery of your hot tub.

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