1\2" Cold Rolled Steel Bands

Roberts Hot Tubs are held together with bands made of 1/2" diameter cold rolled cylindrical steel with a tinsel strength of 10,000 pounds. "Cold rolled" refers to the type of threads on the ends of the bands. Rather than the more familiar and common method of cutting the threads, cold rolled threads are created by using pressure to compress and reform the steel. This not only creates a tempering effect, but also makes the threads twice as strong as cut threads.

The bands are also coated with a polyethylene sheathing to prevent rust, and held together with solid steel lugs and stainless steel nuts. In addition to our standard steel bands, we also offer optional stainless steel bands. Flat bands, though quite attractive, greatly shorten the life of a hot tub. Water accumulating under a flat band can cause pockets of dry rot to develop in as little as five years.