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A high quality hot tub spa insulating cover can pay for itself in as little as 6 months? These covers, designed for strength, durability and longevity are constructed of the finest materials available. The inner core of the Deluxe spa covers are a 1.5 pound density, metal reinforced EPS foam , tapered from 4" to 2"  to allow accumulated water to easily run off. The inner core of the Extreme spa covers are a 1 pound density, metal reinforced EPS foam tapered from 6" to 4". The Extreme spa cover has an insulating factor in excess of R-21. Also available is the Extreme Stretch spa cover for spas over 96", up to 108" (9 feet) long.

Many older, and some cheap covers are made of a flat foam (or foam with less taper) which tends to allow water to puddle,causing the cover to sag, allowing more water to puddle, eventually breaking the cover.

Foam density refers to the weight of a cubic foot of foam. A 1.5 lb. density is generally the ideal for a 4" thick cover. It has excellent strength and insulating ability, yet is light enough to maneuver on and off your spa. Lesser densities are NOT advised for a cover of this thickness due to it's lack of strength. With our 6" thick Extreme cover, a 1 pound density is more than enough. It provide almost 50% more insulation value over the 4" Deluxe spa cover, is stronger, yet is the same weight. Higher foam densities have additional strength, but only slightly more insulating ability. One of the many options we offer is upgrading to a higher density foam, if additional strength is needed. Perfect for areas of heavy snow, rambunctious children and large dogs (even deer).

The foam is wrapped in a 6 mil polyethylene sheeting that is heat sealed to prevent water absorption. Many cheaper cover manufacturers tape the poly sheeting closed to save costs, but the tape quickly fails and the cover will start absorbing water, getting heavier and heavier. As an option, the foam can be doubled wrapped for extra protection from water absorption.

The outer covering is a certified heavy duty marine grade vinyl which is highly mildew and UV resistant. It was initially developed as an awning material for the boating industry. It's available in your choice of different colors and is sewn together with a highly UV inhibited commercial thread which won't mildew or rot out like some cheaper covers. There's even reinforced handles for easy removal from your spa and four straps so you can lock the cover down to your spa.


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1 Locking, side-release tie-down straps Secures your spa from unwanted visitors.
2 High-quality non-corrosive zippers and strong polyester thread Dacron based material resists rot, mildew, sun damage and premature degradation.
3 Tough, marine-grade vinyl available in your choice of colors Resists mildew and odor build-up, match color to spa's surroundings.
4 Variety of gusseted, double stitched skirt lengths to match your tub Provides a good thermal seal, and protects the lip of your spa from sun damage.
5 Strong, reinforced handles for opening and closing the cover Provides a handling point for the cover.
6 20 gauge galvanized steel, 2.5" wide C-channel support beam Provides increased strength against snow-loading & discourages foam sagging.
7 6 mil., single-extruded, virgin bead, polyethylene vapor barrier on EPS foam cores with optional double wrap. Inhibits foam-core moisture absorption
8 4" x 2" Tapered, 1.5 lb. density, or 6" x 4" Tapered, 1 lb. density virgin-bead expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core.

Optional higher density foam available.

Tapered for rain water run-off, low center deflection value, excellent strength while still light weight, and the best R value in the industry!
9 Multiple layered, reinforced hinge Keeps this overworked area of the cover from failing prematurely
10 Continuous hinge seal. Fills the entire gap created by the hinge for increased overall insulation value.
11 Double laminated, polyester reinforced, scrim undersideb or optional Reflex Energy Shield base material on bottom of spa cover Better energy efficiency, better deterioration resistance than vinyl, mesh, or single laminated polyester scrim liner.
  Exceeds ASTM Standards! Many local building departments require spa covers to meet ASTM standard F 1346-91 for a "manual safety cover". These covers meet all know local municipal codes and requirements.
  Exceptional Four Year Warranty!  
Each cover is custom fit to your spa to provide a greater seal and added overall attractiveness. Additional information can be found in the Spa Cover FAQ

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