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Floating Thermal Blankets

Our heavy-duty floating blankets (aka thermal blankets) are made of a 1/4" thick, 2 Lb. density, closed cell, cross linked polyethylene foam. Because the foam is 'closed cell' it won't absorb water, and unlike other thermal blankets it isn't necessary to coat the foam with a colored vinyl to keep the water out. The advantages of a simple floating blanket are rather amazing. The most important thing a floating blanket does is to almost completely eliminate evaporation. By eliminating the evaporation a floating cover can reduce the operating costs of a spa in numerous ways.


Heat travels through moist air much quicker than dry air and reducing the moisture between the water surface and your insulating cover will cut down greatly on heating costs....

Less evaporation = Lower heating costs

Chlorine, and to some extent bromine evaporate from the water, simply dissipating into the air and bleaching out the underside of your insulating cover (or eating away the underside of some covers)....

Less evaporation = Lower chemical costs

Most insulating covers eventually absorb water and get very heavy. Much of this water can come from the rising steam....

Less evaporation = Longer cover life

Our Customers say it best!..

"They (floating thermal blankets) are definitely the ticket if you have cold winters. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and we can get it pretty cold here in the winters. We left our (insulating) cover off in March last year by mistake and because we had the thermal blanket on, we only lost 3 degrees over night after turning the tub off !! That was fabulous...definitely good for the power bill! The blanket will definitely also save your cover as it keeps the steam (evaporation) under the floating cover and therefore it doesn't absorb into the foam insulation of your top cover."

Audra Abbott
Nova Scotia, Canada


By eliminating evaporation you'll also find that the chemical balance of your water will remain more stable thereby allowing you to go longer between water changes (oh yeah, water cost money too....more savings)

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We do not recommend Top Load Bromine Feeders be used with these, or any other blankets or covers. Top load bromine feeders excessively off-gas bromine through the top lid and can cause premature damage to any cover installed above it. Warranty and installation instructions can be found in this PDF file.

Our Customers say it best!..

The first spa blanket I bought, 1/8" thick white foam from another company, lasted only about 40 days before my ozone ate a baseball size hole through it.

I like this thermal blanket from Roberts Hot Tubs much better and it's obviously a far superior product. About 40 days in, and it has shown no effects from the "extreme potency" of my ozonator and it stays in place even with all the jets running. No more bunching up when running the "clean-up" cycle.

Initially, I was hesitant about handling this thicker blanket, but, it's actually easier to handle since it's thicker and more rigid than the other one. I open the cover and just drape the blanket over the cover. Since it is thicker, I haven't had a problem with the wind blowing it around either.

I highly recommend this blanket. Two thumbs up by far!

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