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El Cortez / 2002
In Response To: Catalina Spas ()

When buying my tub I was limited by the available tubs in my geographical area (Cleveland) and the companies that provide wood skirting (my preference). We have 4 local dealers with 2 that are big chain stores with the college kid salesmans. I opted for the other 2 stores that have been around for a long time. My choices were Dynasty, Coast, Artesian and Catalina. Artesian was too expensive, the Coast didn't have the waterfalls in the seats but off to the side, thus for looks only-I wanted them for the seats. I wanted to buy the Dynasty but was disappointed during my wet-test. The Catalina had everything I was looking for: Strong power, many jets (large), waterfalls that flowed over your neck in the seats, Mahogony skirting and was deep at almost 40"...not 36-38" like many tubs.

I should mention that I really liked my wet test of a Spa Depot spa but it didn't come in wood skirting. Looking back at the Dynasty, I wondered if the air diverters had been closed during my test thus explains the poor jet power I experienced.

My Catalina has very strong power especially with the blower on. I like the lounger (my favorite seat). I enjoy the fiber optic lights and would recommend them. The waterfalls look great but really have no useful function and would not recommend them. Misters are another option but I didn't want to inhale spa water. I have neck jets that shoot water forward and down. These are noisy and I don't like them compared to other tubs that have the jets that shoot straight down on your neck and shoulders. My wife (5') can sit comfortably without drowning and my 3 year old daughter can sit in the cool down seat easily.

Problems so far: none
I have a couple of diverter valves that are noisy at times and my pillows have inserts that came out and need to be glued back into place.

My wife could care less about my tub and thus I get bored going in by myself.

In conclusion, I think Catalina makes an excellent tub with strong components and would highly recommend!