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2009 / 2004
In Response To: Emerald Spa ()

I ordered a brand new 2004 Emerald (Vantage) spa after saving for 10 years to be able to get a top of the line spa to last. My spa was delivered and set up in April 2004, I immediately started having all kinds of problems from water backfeeding to blower motors burning out, top side replaced and on and on, parts being deivered for repair were after market and were wired wrong and marked "no heat" for my spa. Every year except 2007 the spa was down most of the year for repair, the last time it was worked on by the dealer where purchased he said I should get a new one yeah right!. In 2008 you guessed it down again the dealer couldn't fix right away so I called another Emerald dealer they came same day and temporiarly fixed this was in June, parts were ordered man came to fix called Emerald and behold my wiring is wrong and Emerald won't stand behind warranty,(after four years they are telling me it is wired wrong) I had five different electric companies involved and one electrician called the company and was told basicilly that he and all the others were incompentent, now I filed a complaint with the BBB and of course no response from Emerald, talked to a lawyer and discovered that I might could get the warranty money but that was all and of course it is exspensive and I basically have to do all the work to file. Now, in talking with the dealer who is fixing my spa we went ahead and changed the wiring to what they wanted after Emerald refused to speak with me, said I was causing trouble between the dealer and the rep by asking for name and number of rep to come to my home to discuss problem, could never get a straight answer and never could talk to anyone at Emerald. So, we have the electric changed and are waiting for the repairs to be complete in the meantime I have spoken with the original dealer and he has stopped dealing with Emerald and told me that their products are junk and that he couldn't deal with them. We had the tub fixed because of course you can't get rid of one that don't work problem is who wants it, I spent $7100.00 dollars and now have a tub no one wants and my warranty which Emerald will not honor expires April 2009. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY THING THAT HAS EMERALD ON IT AND DO NOT DEAL WITH A COMPANY NAMED GREAT LAKES SPAS, THEY PURCHASED EMERALD, ESPECIALLY DO NOT DEAL WITH TIM VOLKERS WHO SUPPOSEDLY IS THE CSR HE IS NOT PROFESSIONAL AND NEITHER IS THE COMPANY AND THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT, if anyone has any suggestions as to what I might do please let me know, I may still pursue a warrant for debt because this should not be let go I am looking at about $1000.00 in repair plus the labor and I just cannot afford to put that kind of money in a tub that most likely will never be right.