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STS 2007
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Run far, run fast, but run away from buying this hot tub. After spending over $10,000 on this tub it has been nothing but trouble and heartache. I have had 5 service visits and the tub still does not work properly. The customer service department is arrogant and basically useless.
I have previously owned both Sundance and Artesian hot tubs in previous homes. They are far superior in every way.

Lets break down this tub.
Rating On a 10 point scale(10 high)
Customer Service - 1
Water Filtration - 2
Jet therapy - 4
Spa Theatre System - 2
Controls - 4
LED Lighting - 9
Ergonomics - 7- Minus foot jets for -3-
Instruction Manual- 0
Overall construction - 4
Peace of Mind/Relaxation from tub - 0
Confidence in long Term Quality -0
Craftsmanship - 2
Heater/Ability to hold Temp - 10

The Eco Pure water filtration system is poor. This is supposedly a selling feature- the 4 stage mineral purification system is horrible. In over 20 years of hot tub ownership I have never had trouble with water clarity, foaming or odors. I also have a pool and understand water chemistry very well. Unless you run this tub for 6 to 8 hours a day the filtering capability is just not there. In both of my previous tubs you never needed to run extra cycles just to keep the water clean. Just in case someone wants to suggest that maybe I am not in lock step with the "mineral purification" system they feature my pool uses a mineral pack without issue and everyone brags about the clarity, texture and smell of my pool water. They claim that you should use 90% less chemicals- I have put more chemicals into this tub in 3 months than I did in 12 years total in the Artesian.

The main attraction of this tub is supposed to be The Spa Theatre System (STS) with a built in TV, DVD and stereo system. After 3 months and 5 service visits it still does not work. The basic engineering leaves room for improvement. For example, the IR sensor for the TV is below the water level needed to get water into the filter. There is plenty of room to have it higher but they decided to put it under water so you have about a 1 in 10 chance of the sensor being able to pick up the signal from the remote. Don't even try it if the jets are going. They actually mention this in the user manual. I guess if the water is sparkling and there is no sun it wouldn't be an issue but we already mentioned the lack of filtering capability and I have yet to figure out how we are supposed to manage the sun.

The jets are ok but do not deliver the velocity or massaging power of either the Sundance or Artesian. The exclusive reverse molded neck jet is fine if you want to swallow a few gallons of water while in the tub. The water ricochets from your shoulders right into your mouth. The seats are for the most part very comfortable.

Another supposed feature is the Master Blaster foot massage jets. My son is 6'5 and his legs do not even reach the foot jets. If you want to hold your breath while you hover in the middle of the spa and try to align your body for the foot jets they are ok.

Master Spa boasts about the construction of the tub. Without a doubt the Spa System Box is the cheapest and hardest to access I have ever seen. The four main wires are less than 3 inches from the side cover. It is almost impossible to get a watertight connector to fit. A circuit board sits right next to the wire entry point and is offset by less than 1/4 inch. The front access panel requires two people to put on because the alignment guides are cheap plastic than bends.

The instruction manual is basically useless. You know, the one manual fits all tubs type. Almost nothing in the book matches the actual tub. Not even something as simple as the drain valve instructions.

The LED lighting is good. The controls make the use of it difficult and unintuitive. The controls are very basic. They do not even feature a reverse view feature. The amount of silicone around them really makes me nervous. You never saw globs or silicon or this lack of craftsmanship on the Sundance of Artesian.

Oh, the heater seems to work very well and the spa seems to hold it temperature very well. On cold nights(20 degrees) the spa was able to hold temp at 102 for over an hour.

What else can I say- run fast, run far but run away from Master Spa.