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Please keep in mind that if a person has a problem, it's human nature to take the effort to tell anyone that will listen (and even those that wont). If a person is happy, they'll typically say little and go on about their happy way. In our opinion, Raves should carry much more weight than Rants.

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BEFORE you call us at the number below,
PLEASE read the note below it.

(510) 234-7920

PLEASE NOTE: We are Roberts Hot Tubs Inc. (manufacturers of traditional wooden hot tubs)! If you found this webpage through a search engine while searching for a different brand of spa, we are not them! We simply appeared in your search due to that name being talked about on this particular web page. The phone number above will reach Roberts Hot Tubs, not the manufacturer of the brand of spa you're searching for.
This is a public forum and you're more than welcome to post a question asking for contact information for a particular brand of spa. Almost certainly someone will be able to assist you.

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