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Re: Jacuzzi Z-235 Electrical Problem

: To be UL listed (as I understand it) the spa
: can't be operational if the doors are open.
: The most common way to do this is with a
: magnetic switch on the doors.

: The reset button is a high limit switch that
: moniters the temperature of the water IN the
: heater. If it gets too hot it shuts the
: system of for safety.

: Unfortunatly the service issue is a fact of
: life. Most dealers I know of (that have
: their own service department) deal with
: warranty repairs in under 48 hours (and they
: keep on-hand most everything they posibly
: need to make repairs). The
: "big-box" spas warranties are done
: by either other dealers, or independant
: service companies. I can tell you from
: EXPERIENCE, the companies pay MINIMUM $'s to
: them for warrany repairs (I actually got a
: letter from one company yesterday asking if
: we were interested in doing warranty work.
: They were offering $30 per hour including
: travel. At that rate, including wages,
: benifits and vehicle expenses I'd be losing
: only about $15 - $20 per hour). When we WERE
: doing warranty work for other companies,
: even though we made a REAL effort to respond
: in a timely fassion, our regular AND full
: paying customers ALWAYS came first. It was
: also not unusual to need to 'order parts'
: and come back a second time.

Thanks for the answer, Dr. Spa. Unfortunately it's exactly what I was afraid of. I have a feeling the technician will have to order a part on his visit when he gets here. Hopefully not! Have a good weekend.

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