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Re: Jacuzzi Flo Problem-AGAIN!
In Response To: Re: Jacuzzi Flo Problem-AGAIN! ()

Hey Ed

I think you may be right, stabbing in the dark! What are they doing?
Anyway they were on the right track at the 1st visit. The problem was probably at the "Flow Switch"! It is very possible they reconnected it wrong, or had a defective one. I know this probably does not make you feel comfortable or maybe even irritated?
One thing is important to know as a technician before any type of remedy be dished out your way when dealing with a "flo" error message. I would want to know if the message was "Solid or Flashing"? Solid is when only the word flo is on the panel. Flashing is intermittent flashing and alternating with the current temp of spa. Do you remember which?
Now, a little instruction for you so you can let the techs there know a little about your situation that you probably want repaired!
I already explained types of "FLO" messages, this is what they mean: Flashing = circ (24/7)pump is running but the flow switch's circuit is NOT closing. Solid = Circ pump is not operating (it "is" possible the pump does not need to be on)but the flow switch's circuit IS closed. Flo2 means the same as Solid but it is recognized at spa start up when energy is supplied.

More later

The pool and spa medic

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