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Jacuzzi Flo Problem-AGAIN!

Hey Guys, I've posted here a couple of times before regarding my Jacuzzi Premium J-350 FLO and FLO2 problem. It seems that the Pool-a-rama (local store which sold spa) techs cannot fix the problem--and they tried three or four times now. Any help is appreciated.

To recap: when 24/7 circulation pump/heat/ozone are running (with NO main pumps on), after about 20 minutes of operation, light cuts-out, 24/7 circ pump stops, heat and ozone stop and top-side contol panel flashes either FLO or FLO2. Immediately thereafter, every minute or two, the problem recurs again and again and again.

Techs came-out but found no problem on Dec. 3; problem occurred immediately after they left; techs returned on Dec. 5 and they replaced flow-switch and circuit board; problem recurred immediately after they left; techs returned on Dec. 6 and installed another new circuit board, problem recurred; on same day, techs replaced circuit board again (third one now), and checked "amp-draw" on heater which they said was "ok"; problem recurred a few days later; tech returned on Dec. 20 and replaced transformer and top-side control panel, and problem returned today (Jan. 6). Jacuzzi suggested that techs replace waterfall light and main light. However, they have not yet done so.

By the way, this was a new spa and was delivered on Sept.7. Can anyone shed light on this annoying problem. Although I know nothing about spa repairs, I feel that the techs are merely "stabbing in the dark." Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks.

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