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Re: Hot tub keeps shutting off
In Response To: Hot tub keeps shutting off ()

: My hot tub keeps shutting itself off. I first
: noticed it last night. By the time I checked
: it, the water was barely lukewarm. Pushed
: the reset button and shut the access door,
: it turned back on right away. Checked it
: again this morning, it had turned itself off
: again. A couple of hours later, it was off
: again. It is not tripping the breakers. Any
: adivice? I live in Michigan and it's VERY
: cold right now, I'm worried something will
: be damaged.

I've been having the same prob with mine lately...just fixed it today.

First, what kind of tub is it? I have a HS Sovereign and I had air trapped in the lines for the heater circ pump. I Removed the filter that the circ pump uses (center filter with greycap and standpipe) and air began pouring up out of the lines. If it's not tripping the GFI, then the heater hi-limit is tripping. Either a clogged filter or clogged/air in the lines usually causes this.

Remove the filter and run water form your garden hose into the standpipe to force out any air.

I'm in Nebraska and was worried my tub was going to freeze up too!
Lemme know what you find out!

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