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Question for Caldera Niagara owners

I have a new Caldera Niagara Utopia hot tub that is simply terrific.

We noticed on the first night of using our tub that the auxiliary control panel was not backlit, so you cannot see it in the dark. We could not remember if it was lit when we wet tested, but the overhead lights in the store were on anyway, so we wouldn't have noticed.

I e-mailed Caldera through their website and they responded the same day saying that the auxiliary control panel should be backlit with a blue light. I called the dealer and he said that to the best of his knowledge, only the primary control panel is lit. He did not have the Niagara filled with water to be able to power it on to see.

Neither the owners manual nor the website say specifically if the auxiliary control panel is backlit. Since the dealer says no, and Caldera says yes, I figured the best way to settle the dispute is to ask another 2004 model Niagara Utopia owner to tell me whether theirs is lit or not.

So, any 2004 Caldera Niagara Utopia owners out there...does your auxiliary control panel light up?

Thanks a bunch!


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