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Hot Spring Spa Classic Model F

Hi all,

I have a question my mom is the proud owner of a "hand me down" spa and after going through the Owners manual, and adding water and chemicals and Setting the timer dial to 15 min. Intervals as reccomended in the book, we had lots of dirt and some insects in the spa before we got it running had a small power issue. Now all is fine the spa has power and the jet's run and stir the water, however the spa doesn't get hot even warm at this point would be nice. ( Update ) It seems that the spa won't heat while the jets are running, I now have Luke Warm water comming in to the spa from one port. at this rate should only be about 3 days before the water is luke warm? or am I just expecting too much to quickly?
I am under the impression that it would still heat the water even if the jets were running the second the jets are turned on the warm water quits entering the tub..

Any thoughts on this

Thanks in Advance.


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