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Re: Softub Motor Noise
In Response To: Re: Softub Motor Noise ()

Unfortunately it's been over a year and we still hear it and are still disgusted by it. Since their purchase of the softub we have pretty much become enemies. Let's just say, our kids skip their house during Halloween.

Does anyone know about the statements that I previously made about the Softub actually holding temperature with the motor turned off? I think that is the easiest fix without having to go through lawyers. It's funny that you bring up "Rage". When I spoke to our neighbors and kindly invited them into our home so they could witness the noise in our house, they responded that other neighbors have parties till late at night and other ones have barking dogs and they don't complain because it is a neighborhood and it is allowable. I was like, "What?!" I have spoken to our noisy party neighbors before and they've immediately turned down their music or gone inside. The biggest thing is that this Softub is on 24-7 (i.e. the motor turns on whenever it wants at all hours of the day and night). Our neighbors' parties are once every six months. I'm just not getting any consideration from these tub neighbors.

: Its funny you (the neighbor) is asking this
: question here. This must be a first. I am
: afraid there is not much you can do. I am
: sure you will get used to it after a few
: months and you won't even hear it.

: I you are really mad you can get a 'rage
: against the machine' CD and point your
: speakers towards his house and play it loud.
: My kids had one of their CD and its loud and
: obnoxious. Then he might get the meaasge and
: you can have a truce. He might even invite
: you into his tub.

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