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Softub Motor Noise

My neighbor owns a Softub and the motor is driving my wife and I and are other surrounding neighbors nuts! When the motor is on, it delivers a low tonal noise which is below the allowable limit of noise in our municipal code but it is on enough times that it is annoying. With my doors closed, the noise travels atleast 25 feet into our house and is even apparent in my daughter's room. As you've guessed our neighbor is not willing to do anything. I've spoken to the Softub dealer and he recommended turning down the thermostat a couple of degrees since the water in the tub will only drop a couple of degrees in 50 deg outside temp. If that is the case, I would believe that our neighbors would be able to turn down the thermostat from 104 deg to 100 deg for the entire day and then bump up the thermostat an hour before getting in and then turn the thermostat back down when they were done. If it really only drops a couple of degrees with the motor off then the tub should be able to be unplugged and then plugged back in before getting in. Is this statement about the Softub being able to hold its temperature by a couple of degrees with the motor turned off truthful?

Has any other Softub owners had complaints from their neighbors about the motor noise? What have you done about the problem?


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