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Connecting a Len Gordon Controller

I have a Len Gordon ff-200-tc spa controller. It has a switch with 110v and 220v options. I need to know how to connect power to the spa. It has a 110v GE/Jacuzzi pump. I have searched for a wiring diagram and cannot find anything. The only options for connections that I have found are on the main bus where there are empty screws labled hi speed, low speed, and common. but they are under the heading of 220v pump. The pump is connected to the 110V heading. Also the toggle switch for the voltage option has two stranded wires that have been cut from the back of it, and only one white wire left which goes back to one of the solenoids... In closing, I need to know how to connect power to it, and which way the switch should be pointed. I have a 20A 220v supply for it, and it is being ran to a cut off box near the spa, through 10 gage wire.

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