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Re: bromine allergy or hot tub rash?

You DO need to shock with "conventional chemicals at least once a week whit Rain Forest Blue, according to the directions.

HOT TUB User Guide
Start with a clean tub, and new or clean filter cartridge(s).

Fill spa with fresh water and operate circulating pump.

Test water hardness with Hardness Test Strips. If below 150 ppm, add Hardness Increaser to attain at least that level.

Balance the Total Alkalinity and pH; adjust if necessary using Alkalinity Increaser or pH Decreaser. Total Alkalinity should be about 120 ppm and pH between 7.2-7.8. Measure using the Copper 3-way Test Strips.

Gradually add Rain Forest Blue at the rate of approx. 3 teaspoons (½ oz.) per 250 gallons spa water to obtain a 0.6—0.8 PPM copper reading on the test strips. Test weekly, and replenish Rain Forest Blue as necessary to maintain that copper level. Do not overdose.

Add Sea Klear 4 in 1 Clarifier at startup, and weekly to maintain clear water, per label directions.

Add Stain and Scale Preventer at the rate of 3 oz. per 500 gallons twice a month.

Shock water weekly (more often with heavy bather load) with Non-chlorine Shock (MPS) shock at the rate of 1-1/2 TBS per 500 gallons.

Whenever adding chemicals allow the water to circulate for 1 to 2 hours to reach equilibrium. Then retest with test strips and readjust water balance if necessary.


Drain spa, clean filters and repeat startup procedure with fresh water every 3 to 4 months— more often under heavy bather load.

Apply chemicals separately— never combine them prior to addition to spa water.

Keep test strips in a cool, dry place, and tightly capped.

Read all package directions for additional information and safety precautions.

Also compatible with chlorine shock (sodium dichlor). Do not use bromine.

There's more here;


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