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Re: Maui spa from Sam's club
In Response To: Re: Maui spa from Sam's club ()

I am not a salesman. I have been fixing hot tubs (all brands) for over 20 years. When I tell you that this tub does not have a heater element, you can take that piece of information to the bank and draw interest on it. I have no axe to grind because I have no allegiance to any particular brand.

This tub has a heat exchanger wrapped around the motor. In order to heat, the tub will run on high speed for long periods of time. If you live in a cold climate, the tub may have a hard time maintaining a hot temperature due to the lack of an element.

The tub itself is fairly thin, which leads me to believe that it will not last a long time.

I'm working on all brands of tubs 6 days a week. I see every type of problem. Some of these other folks who bought this tub within the past couple of years can only talk about their experience with their tub over a very limited time frame. I am saying that, in my extensive experience in this business, you will get what you pay for. There are no free lunches.


: I have had 2 previous high end hot tubs in previous homes and frankly,
: those high end models are no guarantee of anything. Too many
: electronic components to break and they are not easily moved. I'm
: interested in this spa, mainly for the simplicity and the lack of
: maintenance needed (faux wood won't need staining). To the guy who
: responded so critically, are you a hot tub salesman? And, how in the
: heck can this hot tub not have a heater? Do you mean that because it
: is 110 that the jets run while the heater is off? I know many of the
: 110 models do this becasue of the amperage required for both to run
: simultaneously. Sure the water will cool over time, but you don't
: stay in forever. That is different than NO HEATER.

: Good luck on whatver you get. But be wary of some of the hype you hear
: from the dealers.

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