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Re: Need info re: installing tub in sloping yard

You could build a deck for it.

: I've been wanting to buy a hot tub (preferably
: wooden) for some time now. But we are moving
: soon, to a house with a backyard that slopes
: down towards the house (yikes -- good
: drainage on site, but ...). So now I'm
: wondering if it will even be possible to
: install a tub. Unfortunately, there's no
: good place for a tub near the existing deck
: at slope bottom; the only viable place I can
: think of so far is towards the top of the
: slope. I imagine that doing this would
: create earth movement and drainage issues,
: though. If that's the case, I'll give up my
: plans. But if it's theoretically possible to
: install somewhere in the backyard, I'd like
: to hear from anyone with information or tips
: about how to do it. Thanks!

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