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Re: Vinegar to lower PH-how much?

: Since you are learning, you will have to try it
: and see and you really should use a test
: kit. When my sample in the measuring vial is
: too red, I drop one drop of vinegar and see
: if it changes to yellow. This because I
: never remember which chemical goes which way
: and don't want to dump in stuff to make go
: even farther the wrong way.
one more dumb question, I thought that vinegar had too much water to make much of a change in PH, wright or wrong.

: I have a larger volume of water, I want to say
: 600 gallons. I have a 1/2 gal bottle of
: white vinegar with the other spa stuff along
: with a box of cheap baking soda which will
: take the PH the other way.

: So, try adding 1/4 cup and see what you get
: after circulating water for some time. If
: that is too much, it is time for a Tblspn of
: baking soda. Try small amounts and work into
: the change you want otherwise you will be
: bouncing up and down.

: Can't say I would want to keep the stronger
: acids around. They can be a real problem to
: use and store.

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