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Re: Leak - Hot SPrings Grandee
In Response To: Leak - Hot SPrings Grandee ()

: 15 years old grandee ran continuously until
: this winter (so this is not a product
: complaint!! About January I noticed that the
: water was not heating. I filled it with
: water in the spring, but when I fired up the
: pumps, water came rushing out of the
: equipment compartment. I shut it down and
: drained it. Now I am now starting to think
: about how to fix it. I don't see an obvious
: cracks. I am a capable do-it-yourselfer -
: but this will be a first time spa project -
: tips on where to start and the right
: sequence for attacking this would be very
: helpful. My review of the prior posts on
: this board came up with tales of leaks
: underneath that are embedded in the hard
: foam - it is hard to imagine that so much
: water would percolate out through that foam.
: Any thoughts?

The procedure is pretty much the same

Put some water in it , put some food color in the water , let it leak out untill you see the colored water . Disconect the electric . Jack the spa up ,, Some people like to tilt them up on thier side ,and then dig until you find the leak

The put a hard coating on the bottom
then dense insulation and after that layer then the insulation is not so dense .. people use a variety of tools to dig with too

I use a sharp knife and a long stemmed screw driver . and a hammer to crack that hard fiberglass on the bottom

Did you have the cover off of the pump area
to see if the piping was leaking in the compartment ?

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