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Re: F2 error code on thermospa Manhatten

I tend to avoid working on Thermospas as much as possible because I cannot stand dealing with that company, but I do work on a handful every year. Every Thermospa I've worked on lately has had standard Balboa electronics. F2 is not a standard Balboa error code. The closest error code is FL, which would indicate a flow problem of some sort.

Some Balboa equipment (such as the 2000 controller) allows for filter times to be adjusted in two hour increments. Typically, it will display the adjusted time as F2, F4, F6, F8 and FC (Filter Continuous) after pressing a particular button sequence. This filtration setting does not normally stay in the display. The display should revert back to the temp display after a few seconds.

Understand that I am merely guessing at this point because you did not include pack information in your post, but it is something to start with at least. You can try calling Thermospas for assistance, but I have found their customer service people to be incompetent for the most part.


: After filling the hot tub, the tub has been
: heating and after about 8 hrs or so I see an
: F2 error code on the display panel. Does
: anyone know what this mean?

: Thank you for your help,

: Vinnie

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