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Re: Difference between spa and pool chlorine?


When I was a spa owner wannabe, I used to go into Walmart and browse the "pool section" - I own an above ground pool so I'm not a wacko ... OK maybe I am!

Last year I noticed that the HTH brand's spa chlorine is now calcium hypochlorite and not dichlor.
To my knowledge, whether dichlor or calcium chloride is sold in 1oz packets or 100 lb drums - their respective chemical makup is bacically the same (dichlor to dichlor and Cal hypo to cal hypo).

Unfortunately, I think that people don't look at the labels and don't comparison shop so they get ripped off. The potency of chlorine can be different too. I buy my dichlor from Doc and I believe he has a good price for it. To pay someone $16 - $19 for 2 lbs of 55% active chlorine dichlor when I can get 5 lbs of 62% for $25 and shipping is free as long as it meets Doc's minimum is a no brainer.

It's a good thing you do look ... imagine putting that cal hypo into your tub and having the calcium rise and the tub get cloudy and scaly. HTH "spa" chlorine is actually no good for the spa - imagine that.

: I just came back from Wally World. I noticed
: they had their chemicals out on the shelf so
: I browsed through. I noticed that the Spa
: and Pool chlorine had the exact same
: chemical composition but the spa chlorine
: was 12.97 for 2 pounds and the pool chlorine
: was 7.97 for 2 pounds. It was the same
: brand, HTH. How can they do that and is
: there actually a difference in the product
: even though the listed components are
: identical?

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