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Softub stopped working - No LED display

Hello all you wonderful helpers, can you please help us? We just purchased our first hot tub, a used 3 year old Softub 220, and we have a couple of issues/questions. Here's the backround, it seemed to be in good working order, (jets and hot water) when we purchased it. However, three weeks after we got it home, my husband decided to assemble it and set it up before I could get my hands on a manual (he feels manuals are "unecessary"). After reading the manual I feel there may have been steps done incorrectly like checking for leaks before operating unattended, and not operating the softub using an extension cord, although we were informed (probably mis-informed) that if we went with a 10 or 12 guage extension cord no longer than 25 feet we should be okay. We need the extension because the Softub power cord is short about 2 feet from the only garage outlet we have. (Since we are keeping it in the garage, we want to have the tub as close to the garage door for ventilation as possible)

Earlier in the day, when I was on the phone with Softub tech support trying to find out how old this tub was, the tech had us open the power pack to get the serial# so he could tell us the original date of purchase- I thought I may have noticed moisture inside of the power pack (inside the styrofoam, not sure what the name of the part is) Never having a hot tub before, I thought maybe it was normal and dimissed it.

So, when it was plugged in the first time, the motor turned on, and I beleive I may have seen the LED flashing, but I wasn't close enough to see what the display read, and then very quickly, within the first minute, it shut off. Several hours went by (had other stuff to do) before it got plugged in again, this time, everything seemed to be working great. It ran for about 2 hours, even warmed up the water temp by 3 degrees, then shut off completely and now NOTHING comes on. No LED, no GFCI, not a thing turns on.

If anyone has any guidance as to what to do next to get this tub running again, we would be soooo greatful (or do I have to kill my husband a little bit for doing this whole thing without the manual, and wrecking my softub) Thank you and thankyouverymuch in advance for all your help.

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