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Re: Changing HP on Pump Motor
In Response To: Changing HP on Pump Motor ()

Kenneth, somebody must have changed the motor in the past and put a smaller motor in. The Z145 is a single pump hot tub with a 1.5 HP pump originally. Jacuzzi originally mated this pump to a 1.5 HP Magnetek motor. Later versions of the Z145 retained the 1.5 HP pump, but Jacuzzi began installing 1.0 HP motors, first from Magnetek and later from Emerson. The Emerson motors were especially bad and do not last long.

Since you stated that you have a .75 HP motor, this cannot be an original factory installed motor. I would also suggest that the pump is also probably not original. A .75 HP motor just couldn't swing a 1.5 HP impeller, at least not for long.

I would suggest replacing the entire pump/motor with a 1.5 HP model. I DO NOT RECOMMEND the actual replacement that Jacuzzi currently ships (the 1.5 HP pump/ 1.0 HP Emerson motor). The motor does not last. Instead, I recommend getting a new Jacuzzi pump for this model and mate it with a Magnetek 1.5 HP BN-50 motor, which is what Jacuzzi's engineering documents (I have them on CD) actually call for. The BN-50 motor is the one used for UL certification of the tub and was also used for the first two years of production.

.75 HP motors and pumps were only used on the two-pump models such as the Z-140 and Z-150.

There were two versions of the Z145 produced, an analog version (has a knob you turn to control the temperature) and a digital version (digital display of temperature). The analog version uses a 20 amp slow blow motor fuse mounted on the PC Board (SC-20). The digital version uses a 25 amp fuse (SC-25). Check the fuse. If someone made such a bad mistake on the motor size, they probably put the wrong fuse in as well.


: I have a "Jacuzzi" Essence & Echo
: Spa model #Z145/345.

: It has a 3/4 HP now and I want to make the jets
: stonger. Can I move the HP up 2.5? Or maybe
: 1.5? Please help. I got this spa from my
: father and it looks like it was just bought
: off of the showroom floor, but the jets are
: weak.

: Thanks,
: Kenneth, South Carolina

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