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Re: Wiring a 3 wire hot tub to a GFCI

4 wire GFCI's do not exist. A 240 volt, 50 amp GFCI breaker has three connection points (2 hots and a neutral). Some hot tubs do not use a neutral (the bigger Sundance and Jacuzzi tubs come to mind). If you don't need a neutral at the hot tub, don't connect anything to the neutral terminal. Be sure that you do connect the little white pigtail on the breaker to the neutral/ground buss bar. You must still run a proper ground out to the hot tub. Do not connect this to the breaker. Also, do not ground the load neutral as the other post suggested. That is a guaranteed way to trip the GFCI.


: When you need to wire a 3-wire 240V 50A with
: ground to a 4-wire GFCI? How can you achieve
: this hook-up without the neutral at the hot
: tub? Are these Hot Tubs legal to use
: anymore? If legal, how can you wire it to
: make it safe for use?

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