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Re: Hot tub won't stay on
In Response To: Hot tub won't stay on ()

: I drained the tub yesterday and refilled with
: new water. After it was full I turned the
: power back on at the gfci. It ran for about
: ten minutes and kicked off. Now when I try
: to restart the tub it just kicks itself off
: again...tripping the breaker at the gfci. I
: have visibly checked all the wiring for any
: damage and find nothing. I could really use
: some insight from a electrical person. Any
: help?
: Thanks

The problem you're experiencing sounds like a ground fault condition- Electricity is able to escape the circuit and is going to ground. Typically, this is because of an exposed coil on the heating element, but can be any electrical appliance inside the spa- like ozone generator, jet pump or circ-pump.

To test for the ground fault its best if you have a clamp on ampmeter- but you could start by pulling appliances off the spa circuit. By your description, I'd be looking at your heater or ozone- because it began after you had run the spa for a few minutes- this to me, implies a leak that took a few minutes to form either behind the heater seals or for water to siphon into the ozone generator. Unplug each seperately, and reactivate the spa circuit and see if it holds.

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