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Re: CalSpa Jets falling apart
In Response To: Re: CalSpa Jets falling apart ()

: I think you are a bit off the mark with your criticism. First of all,
: Cal Spas does not make their own jets. They, like most tub
: manufacturers, source their jets from jet manufacturers. As TomD has
: pointed out, most current Cal Spa production uses Waterway jets.
: Frankly, these same jets are used in many other brands of tubs and
: deterioration of jet parts is generally due to bad water
: chemistry/water quality issues. Defective plastic, when used in jets
: from any manufacturer, results in cracks in the jet body and
: subsequent leakage. It does not result in jet nozzles coming apart.
: I'm not a big fan of Cal Spas, but in this case they are not at fault.

: John

You are full of it. I paid 5k for a spa made by calspas and i have had to replace all the jets within 2 years because they came "apart" . Are You willing to pay 3-4 hundred dollars for something every two years when you were told it has a 5 yr warranty (which calspas does not honor). Uh, they only had a 1 year warranty, I wonder why? Cheap , cheap, cheap. I'm not a fan of them either, but the alternative in this area is worse that them at this point. Bottom line-take care of your customers or you will be out of business.....BTW I bought it at Watsons which, I'm about to file a complaint with the local BBB. If I ever knew the thing would cost me more in 5 years than the selling price I never would have bought it. Just recently had both the "safety suction" switches go out, before which I had to have the pump replaced (had to threaten them to get it under warranty). Sorry to ramble, but don't take up for the maufacturer's, they have the parts made to their specifications. So if the part "doesn't cut it" it's because they (the manufacurer) would rather cut a corner and make a profit during and after the sale at the consumers expense (guess that is the bottom line here, huh?). At the very least they (Calspas) ought to stand behind their product and not hide behind the water quality issue, which is bullshit in this case...BTW they checked my water quality and it was perfect. Go figure......


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