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Re: Help With electrical
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Are you certain it is wired properly? Some 240V tubs, like my 94 Cameo800, do NOT use the neutral line. If you wire up the neutral the GFCI will trip immediately.
Best Wishes.
: Weslo-caspian model# wlsb62830 DONT KNOW HOW OLD : the tub control panel
: wasnt working, so customer was using 50amp gfi breaker in main
: electrical p;anel as shutoff, which caused it to start
: tripping/wornout. I installed a compatible GFI breaker,wired it up
: the same as the old one, which was wrong, that made the white
: neutrial hot, hyes should have took time to look at new breaker, I
: have ;now found out the hard way. glass fuse that is solidered in
: blew had it repaired, but still trips breaker when poweer applied,
: and yes the breaker is wired correctly now, cant get power to unit,
: have ordered new card for the balboa panel, but I been told that if I
: replace the card and not the on/off spa panel olso that I will just
: blow the new card again which is already costing $157.00 any
: suggestions, and what abkout the spa motor

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