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Re: Softub heater/pump not working

Of course, be careful doing any electrical work. If you have an older analog Softub:
Remove the top of the pump housing (Hydromate). Open up the control box (aluminum housing). If still plugged in, this contains deadly live wires. If the pump should be running and is NOT, then tap on the relays (the black boxes, usually NOT on the printed circuit board (PCB)) gently with a screwdriver or similar tool. If anything changes (like the pump turns on), the relay may be bad, or the PCB may be bad. A relay can be replaced fairly easily by unplugging the pump unit (of course), detaching the wires from the relay, unbolting it, and installing the new one in its place. Make sure it is an accurate replacement relay.
Relays do not often go bad, but they do occasionally. The same can be said for the PCB. The same can be said of the temp sensor. Any of these can cause similar symptoms.

: i am having the same problem but i dont know how to do any of this,
: could i get some advice? like whats a relay and how do i check it on
: mine? and is there anything else i could check?

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