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Softub Problem

I have an old but very lightly used Softub, the small one (Model 140?) with the non-digital front panel and the jet airflow knob on the side of the pool. (Implies a P-5 circuit board, yes?) The tub sat idle for several moths, unplugged, after working perfectly well.
I filled the tub, chemmed up the water, and plugged it in. No problem. I turned the heater from 0 to about 3, came right on. Cycled the jets through a few times, did fine. Let the pool heat a while, then turned heater up to 7 for a few hours. No prob. Figured all was well and turned heater to 10, went to bed.
Next am, water is not hot, and the power light on the panel is blinking. Heater light is on, jet light is off, as they should be. Tried reset, un-and re-plugged, turned heater knob down and back up, hit jet button. The heater and jet lights did what they ought to, but the power light just kept blinking, and neither the heater nor the jets worked.
Superficial research says that I need a new circuit board. I certainly dont want to pay almost $300 for a circuit board when I am quite capable with electronics. I have good test equipment and repair tools. What I dont have is any idea of what I am looking for. Did I toast a sensor? Melt a resistor? Rupture a capacitor?
What I really need is a schematic for the P-5 circuit board, and any time-saving advice anyone may have. I know I can fix this myself, barring damage to the board itself or to ICs that would need programming. I have read the other posts here that involve similar problems, but they do not go the extra step of providing a circuit diagram and parts list. Are such things available? May I please have a copy? Thanks!

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