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Jacuzzi Z145 sensors

I've had a Jacuzzi Z145 (yeah, Home Depot special) for about ten years. I must be lucky, it's been running without any problems all that time until now. Still runs and we can use it, but the water doesn't get as hot as it used to. Before we couldn't set the top side dial above 80% or so, or the water would get too hot. Now with the temperature dial set all the way, the water still gets hot, but not like it did before. I don't have a thermometer, so can't say how hot it really gets, but definitely not hot enough to use in the winter. After I fill the spa with cold well water, the pump runs on low with the heat light on for about a day to reach the max temperature. After that the heat light and the pump goes off, and cycles once in a while for the filter and/or to keep the water hot. Pump runs fine on high for the jets, no blinking error codes on the top side control. In my opinion I need to replace either the top side control, the thermostat, the high temperature sensor, or the pressure switch. Question is how do I tell which sensor to replace? I'm pretty handy with electronics, I do have a multi meter and know how to use it, just not sure what to look for.

I'm hoping it's not the main panel that's the problem, and I don't think it's the heater as it does work when it's called for.

Also, if I did have to replace the top side control, is there a better one (digital) that would work with this spa, or should I just stick with the same one? I couldn't tell how the topside is mounted, is it just glued on?

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