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Re: Harmfull Effectsof Baqua Spa

Herb, I hope you are still out there. It is now April of 2007 and I recently was released from a hospital stay because of the Baqua Spa chemicals. If you or anyone else reads this and has had lung problems, please let me know. I'll be checking this site.

: We installed a new spa in June and used the Baqua Spa system. We have
: used the system as directed. We have stopped its use because if
: severe throught and lung irritation from the fumes. It has produced a
: dry cough and bronchial and lung irritation almost as soon as we
: enter the spa. Part of the problem could be that the spa is located
: indoors, so that there is no cross ventallation. My wife just had
: surgery four days ago, and and almost died do to the lung irritation
: that was discovered post op. The pulmanary specialist determined that
: there was an irritation problem prior to the surgery. Has anyone
: incountered any similar problem?

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