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large white deposits on bottom hot tub

Thanks for reading my post and trying to help me out on this issue. I have tried do several searches for this issue and could not come up with anything that I thought fit my problem or gave me the answer I needed. I noticed several months ago some small white crystal (deposits) sitting on the bottom of my hot tub. I have been using aquacheck test strips for checking the chemical balances. Everything looks normal on the test strips. The water seems to be fine. The water has stayed clear for the most part and no unusual smells. We have removed the crystals before and they are somewhat hard to the touch like if the Bromine sticks had sliver or cracked. I changed the water the other day and cleaned up what leftover deposits there were. The next day with fresh water the crystal deposits were back and larger then normal. Initially the hardness of the water was very low so I have been throwing calcium increaser in, and I went out and bought stain/scale remover. Overnight there did not seem to be any fix in the water as the crystals are still there. I believe my calcium level is around 200-225. i thought these to be some type of calcium deposits but I am not sure. I have read posts about organic problems but I discounted that thought since these seem to be hard deposits and not soft. Any help would be appreciated. Most of the chemicals I have been using are lighthouse brand chemicals. Thanks again.

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