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Re: Hot Tub Rash
In Response To: Re: Hot Tub Rash ()

Psoriasis, eczema and Grovers disease are all possibilities. If your Dr. only suggested, I would suggest finding a new doctor...preferably a board certified dermatologist that's will to spend the time properly diagnosing you.

: Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada
: I have exactly the same problem that your wife has. Mine started about 4
: weeks + into using our new hottub. It is not "hot tub rash"
: as no one else in our house has it. My son and husband are fine.
: Mine is almost like welts on the underside of my arms, belly and insides
: of thighs (not to mention some other very uncomfortable places).
: A Dr thought it was a reaction to the Bromine and said I should try to
: take long showers and wash immediately after using the hottub with a
: moisturizing sensitive skin soap. This helps a bit but after changing
: the water and switching to chlorine last week, after 2 nights using
: the hottub my rash is back worse than ever (I did not shower after
: these 2 uses, wanting to see if the Bromine to chlorine switch would
: help).
: I am looking into the fact that my Alk is possibly too low as this might
: be part of the problem.
: If you find an answer... PLEASE let me know. It is very frustrating not
: being able to use the spa with the rest of my family.

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