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Tracing a ground fault

I have a QCA Grand Cayman XL. It's 6 1/2 years old. It's been sitting in my garage for the past 15 months until we could get a new concrete pad installed.

Last week, we connected it to its wiring. It actually is protected by 2 GFCIs: one in the main panel and one in the outside subpanel.

When I initially turned the power on, the spa worked normally. Both pumps worked at both settings, the blower worked, and the lights worked. I didn't get to check the stereo.

After about 15 minutes, both GFCIs tripped. By this point, it had started to rain, so I waited for the rain to stop, checked for leaks inside the cabinet and found none, then tried to restart the spa. It tripped immediately.

I waited a day to stay completely out of the rain, and tried to look for the fault. I disconnected the power and neutral coming into the spa. I also disconnected every wire coming out of the control panel. The spa still tripped. Then, I started checking for faults with my multimeter. With all leads disconnected, I can't find any. Granted, my multimeter is a $2 Harbor Freight model. I can't find any faults, even checking at the 2000k ohm level.

There are two other things: I tried checking the spa with only one of my two hot leads connected. Both times, the GFCI did not trip, though nothing happened at the spa. Also, either just before or just after the GFCI trips, I hear a "click" coming from the spa.

Thanks for any help,

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