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Jacuzzi z112, heating/pump/fl code Please help!

Model Info:
2000ish Jacuzzi z112
120v Power supply
Air Pushbutton Controls
Single pump- Century Lasar
Stainless flow-through heater

Symptoms; I got the tub used and when I began using it, it heated up fine but the pump only ran on low, (when switched to high it would buzz/hum loud and shut off completely) which I was fine with at the time. I was randomly getting a "FL" code, but jumping the pressure switch wires would remove the error code for several days. The other night, my hand bumped the "High/Low" switch on the control unit, located on the top of the tub, and the jets kicked on high. I was delighted, and used the tub for several days by leaving it on low during the day, and cycling it to high when I went in the tub at night. I came home today to the feared "FL" code, and my pump only working on low again. I got the code cleared by jumping the pressure switch again, but when I press the button to cycle the jets to "high", i get a loud buzz/hum noise from the motor again, and it kicks the motor off completely and throws the "FL" code. I have to press the high/low button and it'll work fine on low. Also, even on low, as soon as the tub reaches the temperature it's set at and shuts the heater off, as soon as it calls for heat again, I'm getting the FL code. Please help!!

I'm wondering if anyone has had similar problems, and what they suggest to get my hot tub working on both cycles again, and if this is even related to my "FL" code. Your help or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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