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Re: GL Spa temp issues...SL code.
In Response To: GL Spa temp issues...SL code. ()

Sleep mode.


: This is probably a double hit for the same problems as I can see Donna
: has a very similar issue.

: Basics: Did a drain and fill after 1 week vacation. Had a lot of brown
: nasty stuff on water line. Drained, surface cleaned, re-fill and now
: won’t build up temp? Display alternates from SL to 87.
: Pump and jets work fine.

: Removed cabinet cover and control cover. Getting 245 VAC at the pump
: leads, and to the heater leads. "Silent Sentry" stays green
: all of the time. I can

: Tub is GL xx (I have no Idea which one, came with house)
: Control Balboa GVS500 3 button (has a unmarked 4th button...?) build
: date of 9/28/2004. PN 53551-02.

: Thanks in advance for any help! I hope this can be solved quickly.

: Richard

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