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Re: hot tub not heating up
In Response To: hot tub not heating up ()

: Hi i drained my hot tub( tiger river spa bengal) for 2 weeks and when i
: filled it back up everthing was working but the water never got hot 2
: techniciens came over and did't know what was the problem their is
: circulation their is power going to the heater they said is it was
: the element it would of tripped off the breaker. so ive spent over
: 300 $ so far and in the end didnt get me anywhere but they told me
: they never herd of this brand and arent sure how they work also i
: looked at the connections and control where it displays the heat and
: options i guess the control panel and no wires are rusted or damaged
: and the small ready green light isnt on at all usually it was on but
: not on bright and when it was hot and ready the green light was
: bright but now its just shut off

Is it 110v or 220v?
Clean filter and maybe run without to see if it will start to heat.
Power down and check the board fuses, and all the connections going to board.

And they aren't correct about the heater.
It would help it were to be megaohmed or checked!
alliedinnovations.com/pdf/Handy.PDF (just add the www) to the front

It could of sucked a air bubble, I would try drain a bit of water and then
try and see if you can blow out a air bubble by high pressure in the inlet
as well as back flushing all your jets.
Check out your trouble shooter guide in your owners manual. how to get rid of air in pumps.

It's worth a try. No other error messages?
Here is somthing that came out of a owners manual

check the high limit thermostat. To check it, simply turn off power to
the spa for 30 seconds. This will automatically reset the high limit thermostat if it has tripped. If the spa energizes once you turn the power back
on, this indicates reduced water flow through the heating system. Tripping of the high limit thermostat is normally a result of one or a combination
of these problems. 1) clogged filter cartridge, 2) blockage within the system plumbing, 3) a non-functioning heater circulation pump, 4) power was
not disconnected from the spa before it was drained, 5) an air lock in the plumbing lines. (The Power Indicator on the front of the spas control
panel will also be blinking if the high limit thermostat circuit has tripped.)
If the spa does not function after tripping and resetting the GFCIs or resetting the high limit thermostat, then the problem should be referred to a
qualified service technician. Refer to the Heater section if the spa operates but does not heat, or refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for additional
service information.

Reset heater thermal cut-off and check for clogged filter. Heater thermal
cut-off will reset when the flow of water through the heater has been
restored. Call for service if it heater thermal cut-off trips frequently.

download a follow instrutions on trouble shooting


Just place www in front of the above link.


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