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Circulation pump

My circulation pump on my Jacuzzi J-315 went out, well actually it is making noise. Dealer |I b ought the spa from has gone out of business, and I called Jacuzzi. Spa still has about 18 months left on warranty. I was informed the other spa dealer here in town is the authorized repair station now. However going with a Jacuzzi and the other dealer was due to not having to deal with this other dealer. The dealer stated he would have pump sent to me and I could change it out but Jacuzzi refused to do this. Now this dealer wants a whopping $120 for a "negligble fee to go 20 miles to replace this pump on warranty coverage. I refuse topay that fee as |I do not callthat a negligible fee by any means especially for distance involved......and they get paid for warranty repair anyhow.

So where can I buy a circulating pump (Laing brand is whats on it but I can and will go with other if possible) I am not really concerned with what is left on the warranty as I just will not be taken by this dealer or pay that kind of money. I feel I am as qualified to change a pump as a so called authorized dealer is. I have seenthe work these fokos do and thats another reason I am not keen on them touching my spa. Its not really a rocket science job anyhow, and odds are with it making noise I ought to b e able to repair it, as its either somehting in the impeller making the noise or bearings or bushings, which I am capable of making or replacing.

Any ideas or advice is appreciated. And where can I get a pump at a reasonable price. Jacuzzi refuses to sell me one.

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