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Sundance Sentry 800

Hi! I just got a sundance spa, a 1991, and I am getting everything i need right now to get it hooked up. I have been reading all over the place on different sites how to hook up a spa, most say to use 50amp GFCI breaker and #6 thhn, and talk about 4 individual insulated wires, but the inside of my spa says 40amp and 3 wire setup. So my question is, is a 40amp GFCI using 3 #8 thhn run about 40 linear feet from the breaker enough for my specific spa? and wont I need a solid copper ground wire?

heres my plan based on the spa information, run #8 thhn (3 individual wires) from a breaker in the box (assuming I can use a 40amp with this model), to an outside load panel, I will be using the grey pvc conduit the whole way to the box that has a 40amp GFCI, this will be about 8 feet from the tub within view, and about 25 feet for the inside breaker box. then will run the 3 wires from the panel to the tub in the pvc conduit, then from there will run it through about 3 or 4 feet of the liquid tight conduit right into the tubs box.

does this sound right?

this is similiar to the way the original owner hat it, only they used outdoor rated wire hooked to a 40amp GFCI in the box and ran it from deck rafters into a cutoff box, then to the tub, no conduit, but they were only a total of 10 feet from the main breaker in thier house and the wire was completly under the deck.

any help would be appriciated. thanks ~ donnie

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