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Re: 2004 Sweetwater Palermo Hot Tub F1 error code

: I refilled my hot tub (2004 Sweetwater Palermo) I used it one night and
: it was fine. The next day I saw the F1 error code. I then replaced
: all the filters, and used the garden hose as described in the manual
: to the grate side where the filter sits. I even drained it again and
: removed the circuit breaker a number of times. everything that has
: been suggested I have tried. The jets work well but the F1 error code
: turns the heater off so I cannot use it. Does anyone have any ideas??

Does your spa have a circ pump? I believe it does.Is the motor running?
he best way to determine this is to remove the front panel and do a little investigating.I also believe you have a flow switch, it will be located on the right side of the tub its a clear "t" and it has wires at the top of it.Look thru and let us know if the switch inside the clear "t" is closing.If not try disconnecting the 3/4 flex pipe and let water flow thru the " t " all you will need to do this is a 5/16 nutdriver or socket to loosen the clamp..Remember to power the spa off first.
Then put it back together and power up the spa see if the message goes away.Providing you have a circ pump there are several thing it may be.
If you don't have a circ pump your spa is a 2002 model and follow what John has said..
Await your repost..........

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