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Hot Tub Amperage Draw

I have a 1999 Sundance Maxxus hot tub. It has had its occasional problems, but nothing major. Lately though ive noticed that in the early evening the hot tub will cycle on and off, sometimes as quick as a few seconds up to a few minutes. My neighbor just told me tonight that when he hears my tub cycle on and off like that, he notices his lights dimming.

Out of curiousity, he took an amp meter and put it on his main lines coming into his house. He said when my hot tub comes on, the amps on his line go UP each time. His house and my house are both sharing the same transformer.

First off, my hot tub is completely full of water, so i know that wouldnt be why it would cycle on and off like that. Secondly, its not around a time that a cleaning cycle is programmed. Also, today, i was using it for 2 to 3 hours, and it ran fine. It didnt cycle on and off like that at all.

My question is this... Does this sound like an electrical/transformer issue, and something we should notify the power company about. Or is there something wrong w/ the hot tub itself that would cause it to do that? I wanted to post these questions here because usually its a matter of phone tag w/ the company that services my tub, and i trust the advice ive got on here before.

My neighbor is going to let the power company know tomorrow what the issue is, and have them come check things out, but i wanted to cover the hot tub side to see if its something im responsible for.

Any help would be appreciated!

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