Alaskan Yellow Cedar Hot Tubs

True Alaskan Yellow Cedar has been recognized as a unique wood species by the American Lumber Standards Committee. Prized for its high strength, beautiful appearance, and high natural decay resistance, Alaskan yellow cedar is classified as the strongest and most durable of all the cedars in the world.

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Until recently we have not been able to source a consistent supply of this wood of the quality that we demand for our traditional wooden hot tubs. Besides being of the highest quality, it also needs to be thick enough to achieve a finished thickness of 1-3/4". We now have a small family owned mill that is hand selecting the most beautiful and absolute finest lumber to be used in these hot tubs. The quality of this wood is unsurpassed being absolutely clear (no knots), all heart (from the center of the tree), and perfectly straight, tight grained. The hot tubs are constructed from full-sawn 2 x 6 clear, all heart, vertical grain wood. Both the staves and the bottom are 1-3\4" finished thickness.

Like our western red cedar hot tubs, these Alaskan yellow cedar hot tubs also come unassembled and are shipped, and installed in any location by following our simple yet comprehensive step by step assembly instructions and plumbing schematic

The tubs are supported by 4 x 6 chine joists and held together by 1\2" steel bands, roll threaded at each end, and come with a cast iron coupler, two stainless steel nuts and most importantly a polyethylene sheathing which protects the band from rusting.

The benches are made from 2 x 12 clear, all heart, vertical grain wood and they net out at a finished thickness of 1 1\2" thick by 11 1\4" wide. The bench has 8 sections and is supported by 2 x 4's which are attached to the sides of the tub. We call the bench a 'full circle' and no part of it touches the floor, thereby allowing your feet complete freedom under the bench. Less than a full circle may installed to allow for a standing area, and the bench can be installed at various levels to allow for people of different heights. All benches come complete with stainless steel screws for fastening to the tub.

These Alaskan cedar hot tubs are a bit limited in size and availability. The maximum diameter offered is 7', and heights are limited to 3' and 4', though very occasionally we have material to make 5' tall tubs. Pricing for individual hot tubs is only slightly higher than our most popular western red cedar hot tubs and complete systems are equally priced.


Finely crafted Alaskan yellow cedar hot tubs.

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Our More Popular Sized, Alaskan Yellow Cedar*, Complete Hot Tub Systems

  5' diameter 6' diameter 7' diameter
3' tall $5699.00 $6249.00  
4' tall $5899.00 $6599.00 $7579.00
5' tall $6399.00 $7040.00  
These are just some of the more common sizes. Many other sizes, including custom sizes and individual hot tubs are avaialbale. For a complete price list please see here.
* Due to the current volatile prices in the worlds wood market, pricing for hot tubs are subject to change without notice.

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