Jets Stopped Working
(Air Lock)


There could be a number of things preventing your pump/jets from pumping water, however if this began immediately after draining and refilling, it is not uncommon to have air in the pump preventing water flow. This is commonly called an "air-lock", and you'll need to bleed the air out of the system to start the water moving again. If this problem did not occur immediately after adding water to your hot tub, almost certainly this does not pertain to you. Frequently the air can be forced from the pump by putting a garden hose down into the filter compartment and forcing water through the plumbing. If this doesn't work, the air will have to be manually bled from the pump. Look for tiny bleed screws on the end of the pump (see image below). Open (loosen) these bleed screws to allow air to escape. Always do this with the power off and be ready to close them quickly when water begins spray out with the air. If you have a bleed screw on top of your filter, be sure to bleed air from there too. If you don't have any bleed screws (or this procedure doesn't correct the problem), the union on top of the pump can be slightly loosened to allow air to escape (when retightening it shouldn't be more than hand-tightened, very snuggly). After bleeding, try turning the power on again and see if the jets work. You may have to bleed the lines several times before the jets are fully functional, but you should see an improvement each time. As long as you get the majority of air out of the lines and the jets start flowing again, the remainder of the air will work its way out.

If you didn't just drain and refill, and you don't think you have an air lock (you probably don't), try the following;

  1. Is the high speed pump working (not just making noise, but actually turning)? If yes, move onto step 2. If no, check for voltage at the pump. If there is proper voltage, your pump is faulty and needs to be replaced. If there is no voltage, test back to the power source for open circuits or switches.

  2. Is there good water flow out of some of the jets? If yes, move onto step 3. If you don't have good water flow, try the following;
    • Take apart the pump wet end and look for obstructions or a broken impeller.
    • Make sure your filter is not clogged and is clean. If in doubt, try running your spa without the filter and see if there is an improvement.
    • Check for closed or broken slide valves (gate valves).
    • Make sure the water level is not too low allowing air to be sucked through the skimmer.

  3. If you have good water flow out of some of the jets, check the following;
    • Are the jets adjustable? Many jets can be adjusted for pressure and can be individually turned off (typically the nozzle or face of the jet will rotate to adjust).
    • Check for for loose or worn out jet seals, and the nozzles for obstructions.
    • Is there more than one pump, and is it working?
    • Is there a diverter valve, that may operated banks of jets separately, or could it be broken?

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